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Spotlighted people, projects, and papers.

Featured Scholars

Featured Scholar: Blake Richards
date: May 5 2022
Video interview with Blake Richards
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Featured Scholar: Jordan DeKraker
date: Jan 12 2022
Video interview with Jordan DeKraker
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Featured Scholar: Sofie Valk
date: Nov 15 2021
Video interview with Sofie Valk
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Featured Scholar: Konrad Wagstyl
date: June 22 2021
Video interview with Konrad Wagstyl
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Featured Projects

Featured: voluba
date: June 1 2023
A common problem in high-resolution brain atlasing is spatial anchoring of volumes of interest from imaging experiments into the anatomical context of an ultrahigh-resolution reference model like BigBrain.
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New website launched presenting the Julich Brain Atlas
date: July 11 2022
The new Julich Brain Atlas website has been launched in July 2022 presenting the concept and research behind the human brain atlas developed by teams at the Institute of Neuroscience Medicine (INM-1) at Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Cécile and Oscar Vogt Institute for Brain Research in Düsseldorf.
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Featured: Neuromaps
date: July 28 2022
Neuromaps – structural and functional interpretation of brain maps.
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Featured: A multi-scale model of neurotransmitter receptor alterations in Alzheimer’s disease progression
date: April 7 2022
A project presented by Ahmed Khan (lab of Yasser Iturria-Medina)
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Featured: Cytoarchitectonic Maps of the Human Metathalamus in 3D space
date: Feb 14 2022
Two new maps in the BigBrain available, medial geniculate body and lateral geniculate body by Kai Kiwitz and Andrea Brandstetter
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Featured: Siibra
date: Dec 01 2021
Our featured project the siibra toolsuite.
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Featured: BigBrain Warp
date: Apr 01 2021
Our featured tool developed by Casey Paquola and Boris Bernhardt.
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Featured Papers

Featured: Laminar Thickness Profiles
date: Aug 21, 2023
We recently published a study on the variation of cortical laminar structure in the BigBrain dataset. The cerebral cortex consists of six cortical layers which are horizontally superimposed stripes of gray matter with characteristic features such as size, type and density of the neurons.
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Architecture and connectivity of the human angular gyrus and of its homolog region in the macaque brain
date: April 2023
The angular gyrus (AG) is a horseshoe-shaped region of the posterior inferior parietal lobe in the human brain. It has attracted major interest since it’s a higher-order associative cortical region that plays a prominent role in the integration of multiple sensory systems.
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Primate cerebellar scaling in connection to the cerebrum: a 34-species phylogenetic comparative analysis
date: Mar 2023
The cerebellum has long been viewed as a functionally homogenous structure, only involved in the fine control of the motor system. However, over the last decades it has become increasingly clear that the cerebellum contributes to wide-ranging higher-order associative function, such as abstract reasoning, theory of mind, and affect regulation, as well.
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date: Aug 2022
Contemporary research linking spatial patterns of neural activity to psychological constructs describes “where” hypothesised functions occur, but not “how” these regions contribute to cognition.
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Convolutional Neural Networks for cytoarchitectonic brain mapping at large scale
date: Sept 2022
A novel method for automatic classification of cytoarchitectonic brain areas in large series of consecutive histological brain sections.
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Cellular structure of the human metathalamus revealed in novel 3D map
date: April 2022
A new, high-resolution 3D map of a previously unmapped area of the brain has been reconstructed by a team of HIBALL researchers as part of the Human Brain Project (HBP).
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date: Sept 2021
Julich-Brain – a 3D probabilistic atlas of human brain’s cytoarchitecture
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