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Celebrating Two Years of HIBALL

Hiball goal: multimodal atlas Harmonising areas of research
HIBALL and the BigBrain Project create opportunities for different fields to come together and produce a unified framework for brain research.
Hiball goal: reference Integrating multimodal data
We combine multimodal data into our 3D model framework, and create tools that we share with the neuroscientific community.
Hiball goal: platform Bit by bit… (or Terabyte by terabyte?)
Our 3D cellular resolution model is gradually emerging - we are now processing 1 micron resolution data and will share more soon on our servers. Stay tuned!
Hiball goal: computing Academic pursuit
We attract international researchers who together cultivate a collegial atmosphere in instructing and guiding our students and trainees.
Hiball goal: simulation Limelight science (online)
Two years of innovative work, and HIBALL members continue to show our commitment to disseminate our knowledge and experience.
Hiball goal: open resource Landmarks & Labels
We progressively position ourselves in the international landscape, showcasing our complementary and support role in sustainable HPC, AI and neuroscience research.