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Celebrating One Year of HIBALL

Hiball goal: multimodal atlas History: The story of a brain
Partners in Juelich and Montreal have had a long history of international collaboration, and the start of HIBALL was a great opportunity to reaffirm our ties and facilitate exchange with the community at large.
Hiball goal: reference Inspirational
Just as we were laying the first stone of the international laboratory, we lost our great friend and mentor Prof Karl Zilles. He remains an inspiration to all of us in the BigBrain Project, and within HIBALL in particular.
Hiball goal: platform Building (Big!)
We contribute to the research community by building big data infrastructures and multimodal multi-resolution atlases and models. We build these infrastructures across systems, and across continents.
Hiball goal: computing Advancement of science
Using state-of-the-art data acquisition techniques and developing novel processing and analysis methods, we push forward the limits of high resolution brain imaging.
Hiball goal: simulation Learning and training (a Labour of love)
We shared our knowledge and experience on several occasions during the past 12 months. We look forward to continuing our contribution to learning through teaching events and conferences.
Hiball goal: open resource Looking ahead (and Leading the way)
As we continue to grow and build our community locally and internationally, our projects attract partners with complementary expertise. We look forward to the next few years!