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6th BigBrain Workshop

From microstructure to functional connectomics

On October 25-27, 2022, we held our 6th annual BigBrain Workshop in Zadar, Croatia.

Scroll down to watch the recordings of the event.

6th BigBrain Workshop - From microstructure to functional connectomics

Brain exchange across the pond: Croatia meeting deepens ties between EU and Canadian neuroscience

After two years of virtual BigBrain Workshops this year the BigBrain community met again in person at the beautiful coast of Croatia to present their work and to discuss future prospects of the BigBrain data and tools. This year the BigBrain Workshop was held for the first time in conjunction with the Human Brain Project (HBP) Young Researchers Event, taking place the day before the BigBrain Workshop. More than 100 participants learned about topics like big data analytics, human brain atlasing, and computational neuroscience in interactive plenaries and hands-on workshops by Canadian and European researchers. Many of the HBP participants stayed for the following two days of the HIBALL meeting, with a programme offering two keynote talks, a panel discussion, contributed talks, and a poster session.

The Sievers Lecture in Computational Neuroscience was given by MuMing Poo (Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences), leader of the recently started China Brain Initiative. His talk focused on the “Transcriptome, Connectome and Neuromodulation of the Primate Brain”. Ivica Kostović (Croatian Institute for Brain Research) gave the HIBALL Lecture in Brain Analytics and Learning. He provided a view “From transient cellular compartments to brain's network architecture.” Both researchers also participated in the panel discussion “Future trends in microstructural connectivity”, together with Katrin Amunts and Alan Evans, Boris Bernhardt and Amir Shmuel (both from The Neuro, McGill University) and Hanchuan Peng (Allen Institute for Brain Science).

The meeting also included topical sessions on Multimodal Data and Atlasing, Image Processing and 3D reconstruction, the state of neuroscience Croatia, and Brain inspired AI and Data Management. In a poster session, 20 researchers and trainees presented their project advances.

The hybrid event brought together leaders and early career researchers of the HBP, Canada's Healthy Brains, Healthy Lives (HBHL) initiative and McGill University, with many taking part onsite, and even more via streaming. The meeting was rounded off by an excursion to the Krka national park.

We thank all organisers, speakers and participants for an inspiring experience!

In particular we thank jagma agencija for their excellent service in setting up the whole event on site.


Katrin Amunts and Judaš Miloš (University of Zagreb) opening the HBP YRE.

Katrin Amunts: “Meet each other and learn what the others are doing. There are exciting perspectives”

Alan Evans and HBHL Managing Director Krystle van Hoof.

Alan Evans: “Over the years, we brought several initiatives globally with similar interests together. Overlap and complementarity led to cross-fertilization”.

Bryan Caron (McGill University) introducing CBRAIN.

“In Europe and Canada, we have approached very similar problems and have collaborated on many of them. This is the perfect basis for even deeper collaboration in the futureIt's about building bridges, not islands!”

Jan Bjaalie (University of Oslo), Katrin Amunts, Maja Puchades (University of Oslo), Alan Evans

Jan Bjaalie: “Science is undergoing a data revolution, and neuroscience is no exception. Multidisciplinarity is the essence of this new data neuroscience. Working in this new world needs training and familiarizing specialists with the relevant knowledge of other fields.”

Workshop participants at the Krka National Park.

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Program and material
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Keynote Talks

Sievers Lecture in Computational Neuroscience

Transcriptome, Connectome and Neuromodulation of the Primate Brain
Mu-Ming Poo
Institute of Neuroscience and Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
link to abstract

HIBALL Lecture in Brain Analytics and Learning

From transient cellular compartments to brain's network architecture
Ivica Kostović
Croatian Institute for Brain Research
link to abstract

Multimodal Data and Atlasing

Image Processing and 3D Reconstruction

Brain inspired AI and Data Management

LOC Session